Dear Customer

We understand the inconvenience caused when you experience an electricity outage. We are committed to having your electricity supply restored as soon as possible. Please take note of the steps and information below when logging, tracking and escalating your electricity fault.

Step 1 : fault logging

We have four (4) platforms available to log your electricity fault. The time to log a fault via our contact centre (i.e., call-in service) is variable and depends on the call volumes. During high call volumes and the rapidly rising arrival patterns, the waiting times will unfortunately increase.

We strongly encourage you to make use of our electronic fault logging platforms as these are fully automated and will allow you to log your fault and receive a reference number immediately. Once a reference number has been created, your fault is automatically queued at the control room.

Note: All the fault logging platforms are available 24 hours. Please utilise the fault logging platform most convenient for you.

Send a WhatsApp message saying "Hi" to 076 791 2449 and follow the chatbot prompts

Contact centre

Scan here to download the app from the Google play store

Scan here to log your fault via WhatsApp

Scan here to log your fault via the online portal

Scan here to call the Contact centre to log your fault

For further information on using the fault reporting platforms, please refer to the electricity fault reporting guideline.

Step 2: fault allocation, investigation and repair

Once your fault is logged, it is now in the queue to be allocated to a faults team for investigation. Teams work 24 hours on a shift basis. When the faults team arrives on site, they will investigate the cause of the fault. In the event of a minor fault (fuse replacement, circuit breaker reset, phase rewiring etc), the Faults Team would carry out the repair to restore your supply.

Should it be a major fault (cable damage, transformer damage, etc) then the faults team would refer the repair to the depot. At this stage, the faults teams would leave the site and proceed to investigate the next reported fault in the area

Upon receiving the job from the faults team, the local depot would make arrangements for attending to the repair.

Step 3: fault restoration and tracking

Predicting the restoration time of your fault is a difficult task as it is dependant on the number of faults currently existing on the network and the severity of your fault. These are dynamic factors and constantly changing depending on various circumstances including the weather, load shedding and existing faults on the network. Despite the difficulty in trying to predict the restoration time, we are on average striving to restore your fault within a 2 - 24 hour period. In extreme circumstances, the restoration time would exceed 24 hours.

Notes on the fault restoration time matrix

  1. The fault restoration matrix is a guideline only and for illustration purpose.
  2. Minor faults include the replacement of fuses, resetting of circuit breakers, simple rewiring and reconfiguration of circuits.
  3. Major faults include cable repairs and transformer replacements, which are unfortunately complex repairs and do sometimes take longer than 24 hours. In these instances, we endeavour to utilise alternative circuits and/or temporary supplies to have your electricity restored, while repairs are being undertaken. This is not always possible but will be utilised where available.

*During inclement weather conditions, difficult working conditions, and instances where infrastructure has access restrictions, restoration times will unfortunately extend beyond 24 hours.
You can obtain feedback and track your fault as follows: Track fault


Message 1

allocated to
fault team

Message 2

allocated to

Message 3

Fault fixed

Message 4

Step 4: Fault fixed and reference closed

Where your fault has been fixed and electricity restored, the reference number would be systematically closed.

Step 5: Fault escalated : no electricity for more than 24 hours

Should your fault not be restored within 24 hours of receiving a reference number, please escalate your fault to our control room. Escalate fault

Note: adverse weather conditions, including extreme heat, windy conditions, flash flooding and prolonged rain generally result in multiple failures leading to restoration times exceeding 24 hours.

Please be patient, we will restore your supply. That’s our commitment!