We are aware of the electricity outages as highlighted in the tables below. We are working on restoring the electricity. These area outages have already been referenced. Please check the tables below. Should you be impacted by the area outage, you may use the allocated referenced number for tracking your fault. Please refrain from logging multiple faults. Logging multiple faults for the same electricity outage/property or area does not accelerate the restoration process. It places an additional burden on the control room staff that are evaluating and allocating faults to the fault teams.

Where an area outage is already logged, we encourage customers to share the allocated reference number amongst other affected customers and neighbours, via their community communication groups.

To avoid duplicate fault reporting, please check the tables below prior to reporting your area outage   Log your fault

Medium voltage area outages: fault finding & diagnosis

We are aware of the following area outages. Our fault teams are actively working to identify and diagnose the nature of these faults. Once diagnosed, the team will isolate the fault and attempt to restore your supply using alternate or backup circuits. Generally, the response time for fault finding medium voltage area outages is between 1 to 8 hours. These times may vary depending on the current workload and site conditions. We will endeavor to utilize all available network options to restore your supply as quickly as possible.

If the outage is caused by multiple cable faults or substation related damages, your supply will only be restored once the necessary repairs are completed by the Depot. Jobs that have already been investigated and diagnosed will be moved to the Depot for further repairs and will appear in the table below: "Medium voltage area outages: repairs escalated to the depot."

Fault number Area Depot

Medium voltage area outages: repairs escalated to the depot

The fault teams have investigated the area outages and, where possible, used alternate circuits to restore power. They have diagnosed the faults and escalated repairs to the Depot. Unrestored load will be addressed once repairs are completed.

Medium voltage cable faults and substation repairs are major works, involving complex and time-consuming processes. While we aim to complete depot repairs within 24 hours post-diagnosis, the restoration may take 36-48 hours based on workload, weather, and repair complexity. In extreme cases, repair times may exceed 48 hours.

We strive to restore your supply as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience during this time.

Fault number Area Depot