This platform has been designed to escalate your fault directly to a senior technician at the control room in instances where the fault has been outstanding for more than 24 hours. While many of the reported faults are restored within 24 hours, there are some situations when extended outages arise.

Some of the more common situations resulting in extended outages include major network equipment failure, multiple equipment failure within a circuit, accessing cables that are buried deep underground, accessing cables that are encased in concrete or trying to locate and repair infrastructure that is restricted, due to inadequate access.

Other common reasons leading to prolonged outages include infrastructure theft, vandalism, and illegal connections. These circumstances are generally beyond our control and despite our efforts to curb these problems, they do persist, and unfortunately, prolong your restoration time.

Adverse weather conditions, including extreme heat, windy conditions, flash flooding and prolonged rain generally result in multiple failures leading to restoration times exceeding 24 hours.

Regardless of the reason for your prolonged outage, we remain committed to restoring your supply.

Please note : only faults outstanding for more than 24 hours will be eligible for escalation

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